Springfield High School Senior Produces New Casey Feldman Documentary

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Samantha Kemmey was just 6 years old when when her older sister, Rachael, first met Casey Feldman as a freshman in high school. She got to know Casey as a younger sibling would when Casey would frequent the Kemmey household to spend time with Rachael. Eleven years later years later and a now a Springfield High School (SHS) senior, the impact that Casey’s death in 2009 had on Samantha is evident. Hoping to share about the vibrant life lost in a senseless tragedy and raise awareness about the impact of distracted driving,  Samantha produced a documentary for her high school film production class about Casey. The documentary has aired on the SHS morning TV news station each morning for one month. View Samantha’s video here:

Premier Release of “Just a Few Seconds” Distracted Driving PSA Video Produced by Casey’s Father

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

“I wasn’t texting, I wasn’t using my cell phone, but I still killed someone”, says 17 year old Kate, in the new PSA video produced by Casey’s father, Joel Feldman, now incorporated into the www.EndDD.org (Casey Feldman Foundation website) distracted driving presentation. This is one of the first distracted driving videos which features both the driver and the victim’s family. Howard Stein, 61 years old, was soon to be a grandfather; his daughter Emily, also featured in the video, was newly married and 6 months pregnant at the time of her father’s death. “I knew he was going to be such a fantastic grandfather,” says Emily. View the 3 minute video:

The accident occurred in Massachusetts and the video was premiered at a press conference in Boston at the State House on Feb. 4th. In conjunction with the release of the video, Massachusetts’s Governor Deval Patrick declared Feb. 4th as Distracted Driving Awareness Day.  The Massachusetts’s Academy of Trial Attorneys (MATA) participated and announced their plan to take the EndDD driving presentation to schools throughout Massachusetts.

The EndDD.org distracted driving presentation which included the new PSA video, was kicked off the following day in Mass. at Medford High School outside of Boston.

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CU Students Fight Distracted Driving With New Video

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

By Joel D. Feldman

University of Colorado students are taking aim against distracted driving and pedestrian injuries on campus. Working with the Wardenburg Health Center, CU students produced a video which explores the types of distracted driving they have witnessed, some reasons why people might drive distracted and some simple suggestions to drive less distracted. The video is part of an initiative to raise awareness on the CU campus about distracted driving, and also distracted walking and pedestrian safety.

The Casey Feldman Foundation is working with the CU students and CU students will participate in upcoming EndDD.org distracted driving presentations to Colorado high school students. The CU students are also working in conjunction with the Bacchus network,  a leader in college safety programs with funding provided by the Colorado DOT.  The events will culminate in a state-wide Colorado Distracted Driving Summit to be held in May of 2013.

View the video on YouTube.

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