End Distracted Driving

We Work to End Distracted Driving Because Casey Was Killed By a Distracted Driver

EndDD.org (End Distracted Driving) Is a Campaign of the Casey Feldman Foundation.
  • Worked with researchers, physicians, behavior change experts and others, to develop effective distracted driving presentations for students and adults
  • Continuously updated and improved presentations based upon feedback and survey responses of attendees
  • Given presentations to over 500,000 students nationwide ,through a network of more than 150 volunteer speakers, all without cost to schools
  • Developed the first distracted driving lesson plans for grades 2 through 6 to teach children how to speak up when they are being driven by a distracted driver
  • Developed a K-2 picture book to teach young children to recognize when their drivers are distracted and how to speak up
  • Provided students at all levels with opportunities to work with their peers to reduce crashes by creating memes and videos in annual contests.
  • Created a bystander intervention program to teach teens how to effectively speak up when driven distracted by others
  • Provided educational materials for free, including safe driving agreements, quizzes and surveys
  • Developed video public service announcements. View our most recent PSAs.

EndDD.org‘s mission- To save lives by changing how all of us think about distracted driving so that distracted driving becomes socially unacceptable.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Joel Feldman by email at [email protected]rg or by phone at 215-735-3716

EndDD.org and Harvard Have Teamed Up to Conduct the Most Comprehensive Teen Distracted Driving Study

Our newest project is a partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard researchers to conduct the largest teen distracted driving study ever. Our children are most susceptible to distracted driving and not enough has been done to protect our children . This project will take about 15 months and consists of 5 distinct phases. This project is different from other projects in that teens will be involved in each and every phase, up to and including having the most talented high school film makers in the country produce the final video PSA’s.

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