Efforts to End Distracted Driving

Recent Updates From The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation :

  • CFF Springfield High School Scholarship Recipient, Jess Carloni Keeps Her Connections CloseAs one of the recipients of the 2021 Casey Feldman Foundation Springfield High School (SHS) Scholarship, Jess wants to be able to keep her relationships at the forefront of her priorities and impact those around her just like Casey has done. In her freshman year at West Chester University, this fall, Jess hopes to turn her love of conversation into a career by majoring in Psychology and eventually becoming ...
  • Casey Feldman Foundation Awards First CU Journalism Scholarship to Savannah Mather “We loved that Savannah jumped right into writing for the university newspaper as a freshman and quickly became an editor by her sophomore year, like Casey did at Fordham. During this critical time of climate change we were thrilled to have an applicant who also has a background in science and aspires to become an environmental journalist. That she also ...."
  • CFF Springfield HS Scholarship Recipient Emma Sulpizio’s Commitment to Others Drives Her Daily LifeEmma Sulpizio is looking forward to joining the ranks of healthcare workers doing good for others. Emma, the 2020 recipient of the Casey Feldman Foundation Springfield High School (SHS) Scholarship, is now studying to be a nurse at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania —  a path she may not have chosen without an SHS program. 
  • Contributing to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation
    The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to individuals, groups, and institutions whose interests and goals align with those of Casey. The Foundation will support charitable, educational and literary pursuits and encourage volunteerism and good citizenship.