Efforts to End Distracted Driving

Recent Updates From The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation :

  • Casey's 32nd Birthday, Her Best Friend and a Joyous Pandemic Birthday[ ...It would have been the most epic pandemic birthday ever simply because you knew how to turn the most scary and uncertain moments into the most unforgettable and joyous moments...]
  • The Casey Feldman Foundation Welcomes Kelsey Butler and Matthew Thornton to the Board of DirectorsThe Casey Feldman Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of two new members to its board, Kelsey Butler and Matthew Thornton. Both were close to Casey and are passionate about carrying on her legacy. Their experience and unique knowledge will help to strengthen the Foundation’s impact...."They’ve each been involved with The Casey Feldman Foundation for years and we are excited about the unique expertise that they bring as we continue to expand and lead the Foundation forward, ” says Dianne Anderson [....]
  • Ten Years Later, Casey Feldman’s Values Still Resonate Casey was the News Editor of The Observer, Fordham University's student newspaper. In this feature article, The Observer remembers Casey and highlights the work of The Casey Feldman Foundation in the ten years since Casey's death [....]
  • Contributing to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation
    The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to individuals, groups, and institutions whose interests and goals align with those of Casey. The Foundation will support charitable, educational and literary pursuits and encourage volunteerism and good citizenship.