Alternative Spring Break Scholarships Fostering a Generation Who Wants to Give Back

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Since 2010, The Casey Feldman Foundation has awarded 29 scholarship stipends (36 as of 2015) to college students at CU who have chosen to have an “Alternative Spring Break”. These students perform a week of service in a community in some part of the United States. Their service has included addressing urban poverty, educating youth, feeding the poor, rebuilding communities torn apart by natural disasters, preserving the environment or wildlife, or working in some aspect of animal welfare, among many other forms of “giving back” to our world. Our 4 recipients for 2014 –  Bethany Bernard, Jennah Schein, Kailey Hassan-Wolff and Priyanka Sharma Guragain, were among some 111 students at CU who chose to volunteer their time for the greater good. These students often report that the experience changed their life and many choose to alter their future plans, change majors and incorporate service to others into their career goals.

The students must pay for the costs of their trip to cover transportation (by motor vehicle), food and basic lodging. Unfortunately, many students who would like to participate cannot afford to. There are so many inspirational fulltime students who are putting themselves through college; they have student loans, work, volunteer locally and cannot scrape the money together for the “luxury” of a spring break trip. Our scholarship stipends are based on financial need. It is with regret each year when we have to turn away qualified applicants.

Support our efforts in fostering a generation who want to make this world a better place and assist us in increasing the number of students who are able to participate. Donate to the Casey Feldman Foundation.

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