What has Kailee Caranta been up to? Update on Foundation 2013 scholarship recipient

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Kailee Francesca Caranta croppedBy Dianne L. Anderson*

Kailee Carnata was a sophomore environmental studies major working two jobs to put herself through the University of Colorado Boulder when she received a Foundation Alternative Spring Break Scholarship in 2013 to study poverty and serve meals to the needy in San Francisco. “My experience going to San Francisco on an alternative spring break is definitely what inspired me to travel, continue to volunteer my time to causes I support, and follow my passions,” stated Kailee.

Kailee continued varied community service work and graduated in May 2015 with a BA in Environmental Studies and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology as well a certificate in Digital Media. She is currently a PPC Analyst at Metric Theory in Denver where she services over 35 clients in their internet search engine marketing needs optimizing their online advertising efforts.

After graduating and before working at Digital Media, Kailee worked at the Denver Zoo in 2015 as a Summer Safari Instructor where she worked with 2nd and 3rd graders teaching the children about the environment and conservation.

“ I loved my job at the zoo,” stated Kailee.  “The kids feel so hopeful for the future and are willing to help the animals. It makes me so proud to teach them.” Kailee plans on continuing to volunteer in the education department at the zoo while she works in her new post-grad position at Metric Theory.

Way to go Kailee Caranta!

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Kailee Caranta climbed her first 14er in 2015

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Dianne and Casey, Christmas 2006

Dianne and Casey, Christmas 2006