Casey Feldman’s 5th “Angelversary”

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Ken Garrity

By Dianne L. Anderson

July 17th marked the 5th anniversary of Casey’s death. We continue to honor her life and memory especially on the annual anniversary,  through a day of service surrounded by family and friends. Those unable to attend the Philadelphia area event remember Casey in their own special way on Casey’s “angelversary”.

The Casey Feldman Foundation was established to “give back”, so that Casey’s life would continue to make a difference in the lives of others. The 5th anniversary was no different, helping the patients at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia – individuals recovering from life altering trauma as a result of brain and spinal injuries or stroke. Volunteers did weeding and gardening, parking lot and grounds cleanup, moving of file boxes up the steps in assembly line fashion from the basement, among other chores.

Nancy Chester (L) and Scott and Betty Thornton

Since Casey was an animal lover, each year of service has incorporated this one of her many passions. The Casey Feldman Foundation established Magee’s first facility dog who works along side patients in their occupational therapy. To be distinguished from a service or therapy dog, this highly trained 4-legged “therapist” knows over 70 different commands, and assists patients with balance,  movements such as bending and grasping a ball to play fetch, and motivates them to do more during their physical therapy.

A special lunch time ceremony took place and volunteers were able to watch Joey at work with a patient and see a power point presentation by his handler, occupational therapist Christina Yulo Rinehimer, which featured Joey working with many different patients on a variety of skills.

Danielle Gibson and her little "sister"

Friends and family also heard from Casey’s parents and watched the moving “Remembering Casey” video produced by Casey’s father within the first few months of her death. It features Casey’s friends and family talking about Casey and how they have changed as a result of this life altering tragedy.

We continue to be blessed and humbled by the kindness, love and generosity of so many wonderful people who support The Casey Feldman Foundation in multiple ways.  We are also particularly grateful to those who volunteer their time to join us annually on the anniversary of Casey’s death.  It makes the day a bit easier surrounded by family and friends who join us to honor Casey in such a special way.

A patient works on his manual dexterity by brushing Joey's teeth

I, Casey’s mother,  as well as Casey’s father, Joel Feldman and her brother, Brett Feldman, are extremely grateful and thank all of you, without whose support we could not have have accomplished all that we have done in Casey’s memory these last 5 years.


Photos from the 2014 Day of Service

Because of Casey: Remembering & Celebrating One Woman’s Life & Legacy, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, July, 2014

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Photos from all of the annual days of service

Some of the friends and family volunteers pose for a group photo at Magee



July 17th Day of Service Scheduled to Honor Casey Feldman’s Memory

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Casey and Nikki - Oct. 2008, Ridley Creek State Park

July 17th this year will be spent doing service work to honor Casey’s memory on this first anniversary of her death.

Casey and her dad with Annie, Fall of 2000

The first service project lined up is at  Francisvale Home For Smaller Animals, a no-kill shelter in Radnor, Pa. which has been operating for over 100 years. Volunteers will work from mid morning to mid afternoon painting the interior of their small building. The day will conclude later in the evening for food and fellowship at the Feldman home. Other projects are being lined up in additional areas for those who are not local to the Philadelphia area.

Casey was an animal lover, having everything from chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, lizards, fish, turtles and of course, cats and dogs while growing up. She was a big advocate of adoption and all of the household pets were strays and adoptees in need of a home. The family German Shepards all came from German Shepard Rescue of Southeastern Pa, which included a beautiful tribute to Casey in their Summer 2009 Newsletter. While at college at Fordham University, Casey would get her “animal fix” and need to give back by volunteering at Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter in NYC. The first puppy that came into the shelter after Casey’s death was named “Casey” in her memory.

Consider joining us on July 17th. View the July 17th event on the Network site at and RSVP. If you are not a member of that site, consider joining. You need not have known Casey personally to become a member. Otherwise, RSVP here in the comment section below or consider your own way of honoring Casey’s memory on July 17th.

Casey’s family, friends, loved ones and those touched by her story look forward to a wonderful day of service to remember Casey.

Casey's friends Brooke Burdge and Kelsey Butler at Animal Haven with the puppy given the honorary name of Casey

Three of Casey's four family kitties. Cindy (top), Sandy and Blizzard.

Casey and her cousin Chris' Rottweiler, Sasha - Sept. 2007