Amy Aberra Aids in Disaster Relief in New Orleans

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Amy Aberra

“Because of Casey, I was able to see the amount of work that still needs to be done within the United States”, said college student Amy Aberra, after volunteering in New Orleans as part of her school’s Alternative Spring Break program. Amy’s week of volunteer service was made possible through a scholarship stipend from the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, which covered the expenses of the trip for this young student.

Amy’s team worked on disaster relief in the Lower 9th Ward, still one of the most devastated areas in America, where street after street is scarred by empty decaying houses in a neighborhood which looks like a ghost town. The Lower 9th Ward has just 5,500 residents – one third of its pre-Katrina population.

A scene from the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

This did not mar Amy’s enthusiasm. “We were divided into groups of four and assigned to projects on particular homes,” she said. By the end of the week, Amy’s team was able to almost completely finish setting tiles in the living room and kitchen for a couple named Wanda and Conrad. “I learned so much about carpentry and do it yourself work, while simultaneously learning of the stories and experiences of life after Hurricane Katrina.”

As a result of going on this trip, Amy said she discovered that she has a “deep passion and potential” within herself, and never thought she could accomplish so much in one week.

“I made a living, breathing difference that I am proud of and that I want others to take part in,” she said. “Every person I have talked to about the trip has dedicated themselves to making some sort of change that will positively effect others, whether large or small.”

Contribute to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation so that additional students may experience the rewards of an Alternative Spring Break.

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CU Airs TV News Clip “Casey Feldman Inspiration”; Feldmans Meet Scholarship Recipients

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Danielle Sandoval, Dianne Anderson, Ricky Bell, Amy Aberra,Tsion Zergaw and Joel Feldman (rear)

L to R: Danielle Sandoval, Dianne Anderson, Ricky Bell, Amy Aberra,Tsion Zergaw and Joel Feldman (rear)

The Feldmans combined a trip to the University of Colorado to visit Brett with a meeting with students from the Volunteer Resource Center and this year’s scholarship recipients for the Alternative Spring Break program. While there, the Feldman’s were filmed by CU student, Kylie Bearse for a news story about the Foundation’s establishment of scholarships for the Alternative Spring Break program. The two minute news clip, titled, “Casey Feldman Inspiration” , aired on CU’s television station on April 19, 2010 and is available to watch on You Tube.

The scholarship recipients in attendance at dinner,  Danielle Sandoval  (Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless), Ricky Bell (Catalina Island, CA), Amy Aberra (New Orleans Disaster Relief)  and Tsion Zergaw (NYC God’s Love We Deliver) discussed their trips and the impact that it had on their lives and the lives of those they were serving.  Check back for future stories on the students’ experiences spending their spring break helping others.

Kylie Bearse, CU Volunteer Resource Center student and Broadcast Journalism major, filmed "Casey Feldman Inspriration"