Feldmans Honored at Luncheon for Traffic Safety

Feldmans Honored at Luncheon for Traffic Safety

L to R: Joel Feldman, Teresa Thomas (SJTSA), Charles Simonson (Ocean City, N.J. Police Dept) and Dianne Anderson (Feldman) at the luncheon

Casey’s parents, Dianne Anderson and Joel Feldman were recently recognized for their work with law enforcement officials and traffic safety experts to educate the public on pedestrian safety issues.

Casey's grandparents, Martin & Winnie Anderson at the awards luncheon

A luncheon was held on October 27 by the South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance (SJTSA), and in addition to the Feldmans, 11 other individuals and organizations were honored for their contributions in the past two years.

The Feldmans helped to create “Casey’s Law”  which requires motorists to stop and remain stopped for pedestrians in crosswalks (See  Media Coverage 2010 – N.J. Pedestrian Law on the Memories website). They have also lent Casey’s image to be part of a pedestrian safety education and awareness campaign throughout South Jersey, as well as dedicated several pink remembrance trees to loved ones who were lost in traffic crashes. View photos from the awards luncheon.  To learn more about SJTSA, click here and to learn more about pink remembrance trees, click here.

Award recipients

Dianne Anderson is the mother of the late Casey Feldman and co-founder of the The Casey Feldman Foundation and its sponsored project, EndDD.org.