The Feldmans Meet With CU Alternative Spring Break Students in NYC

The Feldmans Meet With CU Alternative Spring Break Students in NYC

CU students, The Feldmans and Casey's Fordham roommate,Christina Halligan preparing meals at God's Love We Deliver on 3-24-10. Right front -scholarship recipient, Tsion Zergaw.

This week the students at The University of Colorado at Boulder are on spring break, where many have chosen to do an “alternative” break, volunteering their time in community service projects throughout the nation. Seven CU students received scholarships through the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation enabling them to participate in the “Alternative Spring Break” program this year.

Casey’s parents, Dianne Anderson and Joel Feldman met up with the twelve CU students who are volunteering in NYC this week at “God Love, We Deliver”, an organization that prepares and delivers some 3,200 meals per week to those living with HIV/Aids, cancer and other serious illnesses who are too sick to provide meals for themselves. The Feldman’s were able to spend an afternoon volunteering with these dedicated young people and meet scholarship recipient, Tsion Zergaw.  Casey’s Fordham University roommate, Christina Halligan, who would volunteer with Casey at Momentum Soup Kitchen, joined in on Wednesday to help out between classes. Casey’s Fordham friend, Brooke Burdge, who was interning for the day, met up with the Feldmans and the students for a dinner at the end of the day.

Note: A full story on all of the trips and the impact of the experience on the students and scholarship recipients will be forthcoming. To see more photos from this trip visit and view the album, “God’s Love We Deliver – NYC Alternative Spring Break Volunteers“.

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