Casey’s Virtual 30th Birthday Party – April 6th

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Casey Feldman would have been 30 years-old this April 6th, had she not been killed by a distracted driver on July 17, 2009.  We are celebrating her birthday with a virtual party on Facebook, where we are asking you to share how you have been inspired by Casey’s life or, death. You need not have known Casey to participate.

Why? Following Casey’s death we were told by scores of people how they were inspired to do better, be better or make positive changes in their life, including those who never even knew Casey. Friends, family and strangers vowed to volunteer more, lead a more balanced life, laugh more, or put away their phone while driving.

If you have been inspired by Casey, tell us how you have been inspired, by sharing on our Facebook event.  Include #BecauseofCasey and tag @CaseyFeldmanFoundation in your Facebook post. Include a photo, video, music or graphic with your post if possible. Feel free to be creative. Of course, we will all appreciate seeing a photo of you and Casey. If birthday balloons are what you’d like to share, do so!

We will share all of the posts throughout the rest of the month of April on Facebook.

See you at the party!
Note: To see how others have been inspired, view the 14 minute video, “Remembering Casey” or, the Casey Feldman “Faces of Distracted Driving” video below. Read Casey’s bio here.


Help Us Celebrate Casey’s 29th Birthday this Thursday, April 6th

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

This Thursday, April 6th, Casey would be turning 29 years-old if she were still with us. To honor Casey’s life and celebrate the day, we are hosting a virtual birthday party for Casey on Facebook. We are asking everyone to post a picture of themself with Casey, a favorite Casey memory or anything else to commemorate the occasion. The posts should be placed on the Casey Feldman Foundation Facebook page or on your own page and tag @CaseyFeldmanFoundation.

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