Foundation Joins Forces With Street Safe and Police For Driver Safety Program in O.C. – July 2011

Foundation Joins Forces With Street Safe and Police For Driver Safety Program in O.C. – July 2011

A guest experiencing the ramifications of distracted driving while using the Drive Square simulated Subaru vehicle

In  an effort to educate teens and adults about the importance of driving safely and the dangers of distracted driving, the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation partnered with Street Safe Driving Academy and the Ocean City Police Department Traffic Safety Unit for a hands on educational program about distracted driving on July 23, 2011 in Ocean City, N. J. Summer is the deadliest season for  drivers, and crowded shore towns with constant congestion and pedestrians can make an already tough driving environment even worse. Casey Feldman lost her life as a pedestrian in Ocean city, N.J. to a distracted driver two years ago.

Guests were able to sign a banner pledging to refrain from driving distracted

Guests heard from speakers including Casey Feldman’s parents, Dianne Anderson and Joel Feldman and were able to participate in Drive Square Simulation System demonstrations. Participants were able to drive in virtual reality by wearing computerized goggles while operating the controls of a StreetSafe vehicle from Subaru. By introducing dangerous situations such as unexpected obstructions, sudden maneuvers from other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, Drive Square allowed participants to practice their driving skills while in a safe, controlled environment. Participants first measured their ability to drive in dangerous situations while concentrating only on driving. A distraction—such as talking on the phone or texting—was then introduced, and the effects of distracted driving were immediately apparent.

Casey’s mother, Dianne Anderson speaks with guests in the community center while Joel Feldman, Casey’s father is interviewed by the press outside

The Casey Feldman US Dot  (United States Department of Transportation) video played continuously inside the Community Center along with the 14 minute Casey DVD, “Remembering Casey”, enabling guests to connect on a personal level with the potential devastating ramifications of distracted driving.

A Casey banner was on display encouraging pedestrians to exercise safety when crossing the street

Guests were invited to include their signatures on a banner, vowing to refrain from driving distracted and to encourage others from doing the same. The banner will be on display throughout the summer in Ocean City so that additional drivers may add their signatures and commit not to drive distracted.

The event is expected to be repeated in the Fall on the Ocean City boardwalk.

View the photos from the event.

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