Alternative Breakers Receive Generous Scholarships

Alternative Breakers Receive Generous Scholarships

Students performed dry wall work in New Orleans to help rebuild homes destroyed by Katrina

Not all college students spend their spring break basking in the sun, relaxing and partying. Some 130 students at the University of Colorado – Boulder choose an “Alternative Spring Break” and pile themselves into vans, travel to another part of the country and perform a week of community service. Among the multitude of   Alterative Spring Break trips, students have prepared and delivered food for the sick and disabled in NYC, helped rebuild homes for Katrina victims in New Orleans, worked to improve services for the homeless in Cincinnati  and dirtied their hands in an effort  to preserve a fragile island ecosystem off the coast of Los Angeles. They stay in youth hostels, host homes or in some cases, on the premises where they perform their week of service. There is no funding for these trips which cost anywhere from $250 to $600.  Through scholarships provided by the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, some 7 to 8 students each year for the past 2 years have been able to participate. Thes students would otherwise have  been precluded from doing so because of the expense. Take a look at the University of Colorado Volunteer Resource Center Spring 2011 Newsletter to learn more about this year’s trips and what some of the grateful scholarship recipients have to say about their experience.

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There are many more  students who would like to particpate but who do not have the funds to do so. Contribute to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation so that more deserving students may experience the rewards of an “Alternative Spring Break”.

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