Amber Staska Discusses Distracted Driving in Seventeen Magazine

In the September issue of Seventeen magazine, Casey’s friend Amber Staska was featured on p. 221, discussing her mission to stop distracted driving. The article reads:

“Amber, 22, lost her best friend, Casey, when she was killed in a crosswalk by a driver who glanced away from the road. That day, Amber vowed that no one else would ever die from something so preventable. So last spring, Amber and her honors fraternity organized a local benefit concert. To promote it, they stood at an intersection on campus where two other girls had been hit, and waved signs that said, “Honk for Safe Driving.” They sold T-shirts to help raise $2,600 for charities like The Partnership for Safe Driving, which educates people about all kinds of dangerous driving. To spread the word or organize your own event, go to

To read more about the benefit concert and pedestrian safety campaign, go here.

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Joel & Casey, Dec. 2008 Dianne & Casey, Dec. 2008
*Dianne Anderson is the mother of the late Casey Feldman and the wife of Joel Feldman. A retired attorney, Dianne is the co-founder of the Casey Feldman Foundation and its sponsored project, She can be reached at

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