Efforts to End Distracted Driving

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  • Eden Villalovas - Diversifying the NewsroomNot viewing herself as a minority until she arrived at college, journalism scholarship recipient Eden Villalovas realized that she was "in a position of privilege" where she could bring diversity into the newsroom and speak for underrepresented communities[...]
  • Casey Feldman Foundation Scholarship Recipient Dylan Mark Pays it ForwardOur 2012 PIIE scholarship recipient, Dylan Mark carries on the value of helping people in his community as he works full time at CU Boulder and pursues graduate work. "I want to have a community, social, or environmental impact on the world [....]
  • "A World of Possibilities"Anna Dooner’s essay, “ A World of Possibilities” won her this year’s Casey Feldman Foundation’s Springfield High School Scholarship. “…in 20 years, even 50, I’ll still be the little girl who picked up microplastics off the beach with a strainer and saved frogs in my neighbor’s chlorine-filled pool.” Read Anna’s impressive and touching essay.
  • Contributing to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation
    The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to individuals, groups, and institutions whose interests and goals align with those of Casey. The Foundation will support charitable, educational and literary pursuits and encourage volunteerism and good citizenship.