Efforts to End Distracted Driving

Recent Updates From The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation :

  • “ I want to help others in any way that I can” - Vi-Thuy Vo, Scholarship Recipient“I am proud to be a first generation student who works hard to create my own path for success in my family,” Vi-Thuy wrote. While she loves her family and continues to be a role model for her sister thirteen years her junior, she is financially independent. Her selflessness and devotion to serving others is what made this psychology major the perfect recipient for the 2015 Casey Feldman Foundation Alternative Spring Break Scholarship [....]
  • Freda Fosu: Working Towards a Homeless Free AmericaFreda Odei Fosu is one of those rare individuals who genuinely inspires others to remain optimistic despite life’s hardship. Through her own moments of adversity, she never once turned down an opportunity to give back to her community--even in times where she could have used the help herself. “Since I can relate to people in unfortunate circumstances so well, I’m empathetic to their situations and have the compassion and dedication to [....]
  • Anthropology Major Breaks from Classes but Not Volunteerism during Gentrification Trip“Sometimes, a positive conversation about someone’s future can be all it takes for them to realize their potential.” This is what University of Colorado (CU) Boulder student Penelope Baggs learned last spring during a university-sponsored gentrification trip to San Francisco that would not have been possible without the Casey Feldman Foundation [....]
  • Contributing to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation
    The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to individuals, groups, and institutions whose interests and goals align with those of Casey. The Foundation will support charitable, educational and literary pursuits and encourage volunteerism and good citizenship.