Efforts to End Distracted Driving

Recent Updates From The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation :

  • John Guerin Awarded 2017 Fordham University Casey A. Feldman Memorial ScholarshipWe are proud to announce that this year, the Fordham University Casey A. Feldman Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to John Guerin, a dual major in both Film and English at the Fordham College Lincoln Center campus. The scholarship money will benefit him during his unpaid spring internship at Film Comment Magazine, where he will work in the editorial department. This opportunity is a dream come true for John, who says he couldn’t be more excited “to work alongside writers I greatly admire and for a magazine of which I’ve long been a reader.” [....]
  • 2016 SHS Foundation Scholarship Recipient Alyssa Figueiredo Sets Her Sights on NursingAlyssa Figueirdo was awarded the Springfield High School (Casey’s alma mater) Casey Feldman Memorial Scholarship this year not only for her academic prowess--she managed to take on the extra coursework of AP and honors classes while still remaining at the top of her class--but for her continued devotion to volunteer work and humanitarian extracurricular activities [....]
  • Bridget Clawson, 2012 SHS Foundation Scholarship Recipient Pursues Her DreamsWhat has Bridget Clawson been up to? Since receiving the Springfield High School (SHS) Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation Scholarship in 2012 to attend Temple University for nursing… the answer is, well, a lot! After graduating from Temple with her B.S. in nursing and passing her NCLEX exams in May, she told us that as “the year 2016 has been my busiest year-to-date for sure!” We all know how much time and energy nurses put into caring for their patients and Bridget is no exception. But she’s been keeping herself busy in a variety of different ways, too, in addition to her day (and sometimes night) job [....]
  • Contributing to the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation
    The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to individuals, groups, and institutions whose interests and goals align with those of Casey. The Foundation will support charitable, educational and literary pursuits and encourage volunteerism and good citizenship.